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Fishel's Chocolate-Pecan Cookies

Fishel’s Chocolate-Pecan Cookies Gluten Free and Decadent For my father Adapted by My Little Blue Heron from Molly O’Neill’s adaptation from Freds of Barney’s New York
Freds is the pricey restaurant at Barney’s Madison Avenue in New York City. Regular shoppers at Barney’s can afford to be regular customers at Freds (there is no apostrophe). I had a look at Freds's menus, and I liked Estelle’s Chicken Soup: “Grandma’s recipe to cure colds and stay thin”. It weighs in at $14. Donning no more than a $10 price tag, there's an "assorted cookie" selection on the dessert menu.
O'Neill adapted the recipe for her column in the Times and I adapted her adaptation for the GF crowd. 
I played around with the ratio of unsweetened and sweetened chocolates, and used vanilla-scented sugar (it's not at all required, but if you have it, it's a great addition.)
“Fishel” is Yiddish for “Fred”. My father’s middle name is "Fishel" or "Fred". My dad appreciates choc…