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Ten Best Gluten Free Cookbooks and Happy Chanukah!

My Little Blue Heron’s Ten Best Cookbooks for 2017

Whether you're looking for additions to your library, or for a holiday or host gift, here are a few of my favorites. For my bookshelf, I look for used books in good or better condition on Amazon. I find that books sold by any "Goodwill" are in better condition than listed.
Some books don’t reference “gluten free”, not in title, main or sub, or in description. One of my most treasured cookbooks, Flavor Flours, only refers to “a new way to bake with teff, buckwheat, sorghum, other whole & ancient grains, nuts & non-wheat flours.” Result? We’re all invited to this party. Gluten free is the outcome rather than the object of these recipes. Nice.
Here’s are 10 cookbooks that I think are really great. Most are completly gluten free, but those that aren’t have enough gluten free recipes to have made the cut.
Be happy, healthy, peaceful and live with ease both in and out of the kitchen, xojane

Flavor Flours by Alice Medric…
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Gluten Free Pain D'Épices (Spice Cake)

Gluten Free Pain D’Épices (Gluten Free Spice Cake) Adapted by My Little Blue Heron from Les cakes de Laurent sans gluten & sans lait by Laurent Dran

Pain D’Épices is one of my favorites cakes, and since I eliminated gluten from my diet, it’s another It’s made with rye flour. Now you can enjoy the flavors and texture of this earthy and satisfying cake without gluten. Pain D’Épices is traditionally eaten at New Year’s.
Laurent Dran is a French blogger whose book, referenced above, is available only in French. 
The French home cook doesn’t prepare super-sized cakes. This loaf is smaller than what you’re probably used to baking. The loaf pan you’ll need is 16 x 9 cm (6.3 x 3.5 in inches .. or 6 x 4 should work). You can double the recipe and make one large loaf and a small loaf or some cupcakes. Or go buy some German dark loaf pans that are about this size. Jobber stores like Home Goods often sell great loaf pans from Germany and France. Dark pans bake gluten free stuff much better. I don…